EduTech Hosting provides FREE Fast and Reliable hosting services to the Education Sector, Non-Profit Organisations and Registered Charities.

    We are a UK Based Hosting Provider; the equipment I use is sourced from well known manufactures so that everyone can have the peace of mind that the services are reliable and not like other Free Hosting Providers.


    Support is a key topic to everyone looking for hosted solutions and is something I take with the client in mind at all times

    My aim is to solve any support request within 24 hours and give regular updates to anyone involved whether it be a single person or a global problem that is affecting multiple people.


    My Aim is to provide clients with a service that is free, whilst also keeping the highest standard of support and reliabilty of service, the hardware in which is used to provide the services is the same hardware that you would find in any paid service from a hosting provider.

    Likewise with the support my aim is to provide all clients with support they can trust and rely on and aim to solve any problem within 24 Hours.



My Name is James Evans also known as EduTech on many Forums and Websites; I have been working in IT for 5+ Years and I have worked in both the Public and Private Sector.

I can often be found on the forums of EduGeek helping others where I can. I have been apart of the community since around 2006 and will continue to be apart of such a great community, I am part of the Events Staff for conferences and exhibitions and also assit in the moderation of the forums on a daily basis.

Providing Services to people, non-profit companies and charities has been something I have always held a passion in doing and it is where EduTech Hosting has come from, I found many schools, colleges, charities were being charged lots of money for websites and hosting services and were not getting a very good service, at this moment in time there are only 2 companies whom I recommend to people who wish for a Dedicated Server Hosted Solution or Bespoke Website Solutions these being CS New Media and VeloxServ.

My Aim is to provide people with a service that is free but also keep the high standards of support and a reliable service, the hardware in which is used to provide the services is exactly the same as the hardware you would find in any paid service from a company.

I also offer Hosted Exchange Services, This enables End-Users and Small Businesses to get all of the features provided by Microsoft Exchange but without the high end costs in Hardware, Licences and also without having to support the service themselves. I have found that many organisations can benifit from having an Hosted Exchange Service oppose to paying a considrable amount of money towards having an Internal Exchange Server. If you wish to know more about the datacenter infrastructure behind this service then please contact me and i shall send you any information that is required. This service is clustered around the world to provide the best possible service and uptime. During the time i have been offering Hosted Exchange Services I have seen many people use it for personal email as oppose to FREE Services available.

Microsoft also offer Microsoft Office 365 which provides Education Establishments on the basic level FREE Hosted Exchange Services. By paying a small fee you can benifit from enhanced services such as Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 and Microsoft Lync which enables organisations to have a Collaberation Platform and a Communications Platform.

With the support my aim is to provide all clients with support that they can trust and rely on and my aim to solve any problem within 24 Hours.